Oika Community of Practice

Tokenomics 2

Autumn 2023

David Merleau

Rich Blundell


Blockchain, DeFi, NFT’s and smart contracts are on everyone’s minds these days. Join us for a free workshop on Oika Tokenomics with Rich Blundell. This online workshop will provide an introduction to how Oika is planning on using emerging blockchain technologies, in collaboration with nature, to produce Oika art with impact. Come meet other Oika artists, report on what you’ve been working on, and learn how to participate in upcoming Oika projects. Note: this course is hosted by Supercluster and is required for participating in upcoming Oika NFT projects.

  • What is Blockchain and how does it present new opportunities for Oika Artists?

  • What's the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum and why does it matter?

  • How can Crypto and DeFi be used to amplify creativity, ecological impact and artistic sovereignty?

  • What's the deal with NFT's and how can they be used for truly meaningful art?

  • What is Oika's Tokenomic model and how will it support artists and ecological restoration?

  • How can Oika Artists help design, refine and own the Oika NFT style and platform?

  • What are the new projects and opportunities that Oika is launching for Oika Artists in 2022?


Collaborative Locative Media

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our mission

Supercluster invites world leading scholars and experts in the fields of ecology, humanities, sciences and arts, next to local and indigineous people, to enrich horizontal learning and group creation in processes with collaborative thinking about our planet, in the format of courses, workshops, games, and by creating locative media artworks.

what we do

We coordinate, organize and design collaboratively courses, workshops, educational games, collaborative projects and processes in an integrative approach to relationships with one another and with the more-than-human Earth via locative practices and locative media.