Participate in the Earth Day 2021 event, from April 22 on, and share your moment of gratitude with the Earth, for the Earth Gratitude map. This map is open for new contributions for 2 weeks until the 6th of May. We will update the content every 48 hours. If you have a problem with the contact form below or want to send more images and sounds, please contact us directly at: info(at)

an initiative from Oika (Rich Blundell) and Supercluster

Rich is a scientist and ecologist founder of a project building a bridge between art and science. Every participant will be invited to join the online campfire - meet up, organized by Oika, at the end of the two week call, on May 7th.

Geert Vermeire, Stephanie Whitelaw and Fred Adam are the coordinators of the Gratitude Map event.

Share your gratitude with the Earth during our ongoing pandemic times. Share with us a moment of gratitude for a place, for the earth, by sending your story and your location, with a picture, a drawing, a small text, a sound or a voice recording, to the collaborative Gratitude map.

The pandemic allowed us to perceive a more silent world, slower, greener, with returning birds reclaiming their landscape and cities… In many places of the world the pandemic goes on. continuing a year of human loss and letting go, with ongoing uncertainties and unfortunate goodbyes . Still nature is blooming, more than ever.

What does gratitude mean today, in this and beyond pandemic, for our world, for our planet. What can you be grateful for?

A project of gratitude of Oika, by Rich Blundell, with Geert Vermeire and Fred Adam, for Supercluster, and Stephanie Whitelaw.

- Please send me your gratitude by e-mail, a title, your location, a picture, a text, a sound... -
- Gracias por enviar tu gratitud por e-mail, un título, tu localización, una imagen, un sonido, un texto... -
- Merci d'envoyer votre gratitude par e-mail, un titre, votre lieu, un texte, une image, un son... -

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