Let's keep the fire

every Full Moon nights

with Fred Adam, Soazic Guezennec and Stephanie Whitelaw

April 29 2021

with Simona Vermeire

Simona Vermeire

March 26 2021

with Fred Adam

December 08 2020

with Fay Stevens and Gerrte Vermeire

Fay Stevens & Geert Vermeire

November 13 2020

with Stephanie Whitelaw

Stephanie Whitelaw

October 1 2020

with Elspeth Billie Penfold

Elspeth Billie Penfold

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Since the appearance of human language in the far away paleolithic time, people told stories with their body and their voice. The information was transmitted and preserved by imagination, kindness and memory. Stories were mutating along the minds and generations, alive. Today we are living in the digital age where the publication and storage of information in hard disks is forming an incomplete legacy of our times. Yes, there is something much more valuable than our data, we have forgotten from the past and have to claim back, it is the spirit. Each one of us, each day are inspired by each other and keep in our mind images, colors and sounds from the electric wires of the global fire, the internet. It is clear that the idea to preserve digital information is a mirage, it will never happen for a very long time. But this is not problematic, what matters more is the preservation and the expansion of our sinergetic mind, bounded with the heart for our love for life on earth and for all our ancestors, humans and non humans. This is what makes us earthlings, and no matter if we die, because the spirit will live. Now it is time to join the fire pit made of optical fiber light and remember who we are.

The Fire Pit

To respond to this desire to cultivate what connects us and to respond to the call of our ancestors, we propose to rediscover the magic of the fire pit translated to the technosphere. We believe that also magic can occur on the internet because it is also a place for the expression of a deep sense of connection and belonging, happening on the social networks. It is a question of perspective, shift your camera from your face towards the Earth and listen to the words between the words, look at the threads connecting the image of the river you just take with other rivers and the colors of the feathers you saw resonating into the colors of the sky taken by someone else right now. The fire pit is a fractal, like reality, like the Universe.

How to participate

Becoming a Fire Keeper

Let’s become the fire keepers, cultivating earth stories, creativity, art, ecology, gratitude and love. We are a myriad of sparkles of the same fire and this is what matters. The connections are more important than the nodes. Cultivating and expanding the channel, keeping the fire, is the way to give to the future generations the legacy of the spirit of new stories to tell, connected with the Earth. It will not happen with a simple obsolete pendrive with a bunch of facebook and instagram media erased by the technological obsolescence of our civilisation.

How it works

2 meetings per month orchestrated by a fire keeper. The organizer can invite a person of their choice (or not) to present their artwork or research. This invited person can now also become a fire keeper for another fire pit.

Each session will start by the sharing of a simple story of interaction with the earth, an Earth Story, concept inspired by the project Oika created by Rich Blundell. This is a key aspect of the proposal, practicing an universal language infused by the intelligence of Nature.

Each session can continue with a free debate emerging from the stories or it can be a short presentation of the guest.

Who will participate

The project will start with the network of 35 artists and researchers from the Supercluster Summer School. The Oika projects network will join along the way to expand the fire pit. Other participants joining the future courses and special guests will slowly grow the network of fire keepers to keep the flame as long as possible.