• exploring new forms

  • of creating and learning

  • with Locative Media

  • in the light of locally-globally issues

  • encouraging local and global joined-up-thinking

  • Locative Media Supercluster

    Collaborative meeting grounds for locative media in the XXI century

    We explore new forms of creating and learning with locative media in the light of locally-globally issues, our planetary crises and forces of global change, encouraging local and global joined-up-thinking.

Locative Media Supercluster

Collaborative meeting grounds for locative media in the XXI century

October 2018

Friday, 19th



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Online Courses

We teach Collaborative Locative Media at distance, matching your profile with new people, creating vibrant teams of earthlings working together for the first time and probably for a very long time ahead. For all interested in the potential of locative media and place based practices in a variety of fields globally: from literature to visuals arts, from sound arts to performative arts, from heritage to urban planning, from environment to community.

How to apply

Contact us and we will tell you when the next online course will happen.

Locative Media Game

We created the Supercluster Brainstorming Game as a micro online workshop / meet up for all, to boost your creativity beyond the limits of the consensual reality. We will match you with a team of people from all over the world, celebrating the diversity of cultures in creative encounters for an one hour online game. The game is generating a cascade of new ideas, electrifying creativity and opening new horizons for all backgrounds and ages. No technological knowledge is required, just come with your stories and ideas.

How to play

We organize one game per month, please contact us and we will add you to the mailing list.


We propose a variety of one day to five day online workshops bringing the new world of collaborative locative media to you. We have over a decade long experience in projects with locative media, creating and geolocating content that helps us connect better with the public space, with our history and with the Earth. We are happy to share this practice with local and global groups, beginners or experienced, to get you going or tailor-made for your project or organisation. For all ages and backgrounds, no technological knowledge is required.

How to apply

Contact us and we will tell you what are the possibilities

April 2021


We are deeply grateful for the many amazing collaborative artworks emerging from the Supercluster online course and Brainstorming Game sessions.

featured artist

Stephanie Whitelaw


We are colaborating with the Oika Into the Artmosphere online course for artists created and delivered by the ecologist and scientist Rich Blundell.

How to join

The Oika into the Artmosphere program is design to build the bridge between arts practices and science by integrating scientific knowledge and wisdom in the Arts.


Campfire Circle

We introduce artists to the project and organize Campfire Circles to keep the flame.

Fire Pit

Let's keep the fire burning! Thanks to the growing participation, Supercluster is a global community, keeping on the fire of creativity beyond the projects, and celebrating connections emerging from them

How to join

You can join the fire pit and become a Fire Keeper once you have participated in at least a Supercluster event to meet other people of our community.

Who we are

Supercluster founder members

Fred Adam

Fred Adam

Fred Adam is an artist and art director, specialist in technology and ecology, creator of CGeomap and the database gpsmuseum.eu.

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire is a curator, artist, poet with a focus on spatial writing, locative sound & performance and social practices, integrating collaborative processes, within an ecological framework.

board of advisors

Fred Adam

academic advisor
King's College of London

Fred Adam

academic advisor
University of Murcia

Fred Adam

scientific advisor
Oika project

Fred Adam

artistic advisor

Fred Adam

academic advisor
University of Western Macedonia

Fred Adam

artistic advisor