Thank you for applying to the game, you will be able to present your proposals on Friday the 29th 13:30 - 14:15 UK time.

The brainstorming game was superbus maximus. Keen to be included in ways to move forward with extended versioning to what is already wondrously integrated and companionable gameship.
- Mikhail Peppas
A new way to quickly get to know others and to create collaboratively in a relatively short amount of time.
- Hilary Ramsden

El Cofre de las Siete Llaves
de Alfonso X

We organised an online course to teach to 25 cultural agents of the city of Murcia, concepts and techniques related to Locative media and gamification. A the end of the course the participants formulated different creative proposals for the CGeomap maps of the project Enclave Cultura Territorio ( ). This previous step permited to elaborate the game El Cofre de las Siete Llaves de Alfonso X, a game where people have to visit historical places of the city and decipher a secret message to open a virtual chest. The aim of this project is to convert the process of gamification of cultural heritage into participative workshops between the cultural agents and the citizens.

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Using your mobile web browser, visit the seven sites highlighted on the map with a key icon. When you get to each place, you will have to decipher a letter hidden in the environment. You will need the seven letters to make up the secret word that opens the Chest of the Seven Keys, which is hidden in Monteagudo. We will raffle prizes among the winners during the event!