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Through locative media and storytelling we connect people with each other, their places and ancestral knowledge, including a shared concern and the need to act for the restoration of ecosystems, living with climate change, in the light of forced migration and the loss of biodiversity.

In this online creative and educational program you will be exploring the themes of water, climate change, deep time and cultural knowledge.

You learn and create to:

  • bring stories, places and their people together

  • find creative and practical ways to raise ecological awareness

  • enrich the way you practice your profession

  • connect with people across disciplines and geographies

  • practice collaborative locative media

STARTING: 18th September 2021


the course is booked!

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Coordination crew

Geert Vermeire

Artist, Poet and Locative Media Expert. Co-founder of walk listen create, team member of noTours and collaborator of escoitar, and core team member of CGeomap

Tracey M Benson

Artist, researcher and founder of Treecreate. Trustee of Intercreate Trust. Works at the nexus of ubiquitous tech, ecological systems and citizen engagement.

Fred Adam

Location based media explorer, co-founder of the CGeomap project and founder of the Lab GPS Museum

Supported by the Centre for Applied Water Science, University of Canberra

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Collaborative Locative Media

our mission

Supercluster invites world leading scholars and experts in the fields of ecology, humanities, sciences and arts, next to local and indigineous people, to enrich horizontal learning and group creation in processes with collaborative thinking about our planet, in the format of courses, workshops, games, and by creating locative media artworks.

what we do

We coordinate, organize and design collaboratively courses, workshops, educational games, collaborative projects and processes in an integrative approach to relationships with one another and with the more-than-human Earth via locative practices and locative media.