My name is Fred Adam, i am a New Media explorer co-founder of the CGeomap project and founder of the GPS Museum archive, researcher and Freelance Art Director expert in spatial narratives in the outdoors. I am especially interested in the exploration of the world with Smartphones in time and space, from the very small to the very large and from the past to the future. I have a special interest in investigating how mobile technology can help us to understand better and preserve the Earth by involving people into transformative outdoors experiences. With the artist Geert Vermeire we have launched in the year 2020 the Locative Media Supercluster brainstorming web portal, organizing collective mapping events and online courses. I am collaborating and inspired by artists, scientists, programmers and teachers from the past and the present like David Thoreau, Andy Deck, Celia Gradin, Robert Filliou, Rich Blundell, David Abram, Verónica Perales, Dan Mc Veigh, Stephan Harding, Francisco López, Chari Cámara, José Ramón Alcalá, Rebecca Solnit, Brian Swimme, Sylvie Marchand and Keiko Tanaka (beyond others). They are making each day my life more and more interesting. fred.ubik2(at)gmail.com


The Hut (2019-present)

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Deep Time projects

Walk Through Time prototype (2012)

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Deep Time Walk (2016)

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COSMOSIS 1 (2014)

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Listening projects

Jungle-ized (2017)

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Audiosfera (2020)

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SOLAR WALKER concept (2011)

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download my curriculum
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Taking care of the GPS Museum Locative Media archive

writtings about spatial narratives, art & environment

Emerging Perspectives

on the Mobile Content Evolution

I wrote the Chapter: “Mobile Content and Walking Documentary. Teaching and Learning Science Step-by-Step with Smartphones”.

Mobile Media Learning:

InnovatIon and InspIratIon

I wrote the Chapter with Verónica Perales: “Experimenting with Locative Media Games and storytelling in Fine Arts.”


y Discurso Hipermedia

I wrote the Chapter: “El potencial y la repercusión de las herramientas de geolocalización en las prácticas artísticas contemporáneas”.

#PDI06 Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid


Collaborative Locative Media

our mission

Supercluster invites world leading scholars and experts in the fields of ecology, humanities, sciences and arts, next to local and indigineous people, to enrich horizontal learning and group creation in processes with collaborative thinking about our planet, in the format of courses, workshops, games, and by creating locative media artworks.

what we do

We coordinate, organize and design collaboratively courses, workshops, educational games, collaborative projects and processes in an integrative approach to relationships with one another and with the more-than-human Earth via locative practices and locative media.